Tintagels Gate

A Time of Valor and Mystery

Medieval Items and Accessories
Magical Objects and Resources
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Pine Cone Fairy
Pink Bun-Bun
Pink Bun-Bun Pendant
Pink Bun-Bun Sm Plush
Pink Elefun
Pink Munky Pendant
Pink Pandie
Pirate Cap'n Earrings
Pirate Cap'n Pendant
Pirate Dagger Earrings
Pirate dagger Pendant
Pirate Shipwheel Pendant
Pistol Bucket
Plain S/P Alter Chalice 4"
Plain s/s Burner
Plain Silver Plated Alter Bell 3"
Plantagenet War Belt
Point dagger
Precious Agarwood Incense
Precious Jasmine Cones /box
Prpl Dragon on Rock
Purple Dragon Hatchling
Purple Fairy Pendant
Purple Octopee
Purple Pentacle Tapestry
Purple Surly Dragon
Queen Bee
Raven on Branch
Raven on Cross
Raven on Skull
Raven on Skull Pendant
Raven Pendant
Rectangular Cross Box
Red Baby Dragon
Red Celtic Knot S/stone Charcoal Burner
Red Dragon Hatching
Red Dragon on Rock
Red Pent. S/Stone Aroma Lamp
Red Pentacle Tapestry
Reindeer Brass Chime w/Beads
Renn Shirt, Cosinado, XXXXL
Rhino Buster
Roman Legion Belt
Rose Cones /BOX
Rose Incense
Rose Oil
Rosemary Incense
Rosemary Oil
Royal Sentry Sword
Sacred Altar Votive Set
Sage Clusters/oz
Sage Incense
Saint George Box
Sandalwood Incense
Sandle Cones /box
Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa Incense
Scarab Earrings
Scarab Pendant
Scribe's Pouch
Scribe's Pouch, black
Scribe's Pouch, brown
Shield Wristbands
Shield Wristbands, Black
Shield Wristbands, brown
Silver Skull
Simple Baldric
Simple Baldric, black with brass, large/extra-large
Simple Baldric, black with brass, small/medium
Simple Baldric, black with nickel, large/extra-large
Simple Baldric, black with nickel, small/medium
Simple Baldric, brown with brass, large/extra-large
Simple Baldric, brown with brass, small/medium
Simple Belt
Simple Frog
Simple Frog, black, left hip
Simple Frog, black, right hip
Simple Frog, brown, left hip
Simple Frog, brown, right hip
Simple Frog, green
Simple Frog, red
Single Ball Flail
Six-Buckle Rapier Carrier
Six-Buckle Rapier Carrier, black, large/extra-large
Six-Buckle Rapier Carrier, black, small/medium
Six-Buckle Rapier Carrier, brown, large/extra-large
Six-Buckle Rapier Carrier, brown, small/medium
Skeleton Key Pendant
Skeleton Love Box
Skull Crucifix Earrings
Skull Key Chain (Each)
Skull Medallion Pendant
Skull Pen
Skull w/Flame Ruby Pendant
Sm. Midnight Dragon
SM. Skull Head
Small Black Skull
Small Dragon Skull
Small Gold Skull
Small Red Midnight Dragon
Small Silver Skull
Small Translucent Skull
Snow Hootie
Soulbringer Pendant
Spartan Sword
Sparton Sword Black
Spiral Goddess
Spiral S/Stone Box W/Lid
Star Wd Incense Burner
Star Wind Chime w/ Glass Beads 19"H
Starry Moon Pendant
Stone Carved Bowl Burner
Studded Baldric
Studded Baldric, black, large/extra-large
Studded Baldric, black, small/medium
Studded Baldric, black/brass, large/extra-large
Studded Baldric, brown, large/extra-large
Studded Baldric, brown, small/medium
Studded Belt Pouch
Studded Belt Pouch, black
Studded Belt Pouch, brown
Studded Sword Belt
Studded Wide Belt, black, extra-large
Suede Coin Purse
Sulky Dragon
Sun/Moon/Star Lamp
Surly Dragon
Sweet as Honey
Swift Lite Charcoal 33mm (SM)
Swift Lite Charcoal 38mm Lrg
Swift-Lite Charcoal 33mm
Sword Pendant
Tankard Strap w/ snap
Tankard Strap w/ snap, black
Tankard Strap w/ snap, brown
Tankard Strap with Pewter Button
Tankard Strap with Pewter Button, black
Tankard Strap with Pewter Button, brown
Tankard Strap with Pewter Button, burgundy
Tea Tree Oil
Templar Coffin Box
Templar Knight
Templar on Horse
Temple of Solomon Resin Incense
Thor's Hammer
Three Kings Charcoal 33mm (SM)
Three Kings Charcoal 40MM Lrg
Three Strap Belt, Black, 2XL
Three Strap Belt, black, large
Three Strap Belt, black, medium
Three Strap Belt, black, small
Three strap belt, black, XL
Three Strap Belt, brown, large
Three Strap Belt, brown, medium
Three-Sided Kuan Yin
Three-Strap Belt
Three-Strap Belt, brown, extra-large
Three-Strap Belt, brown, small
Tibetan Prayer Flags
Tizona Del Sid Sword
Toucan Mango
Translucent Green Scarab
Translucent Red Scarab
Traveler's Wineskin
Triple Moon Brass Alter Bell 3"
Triple Moon Brass Burner
Triple Moon Brass Hanging Censer
Triple Moon Carved Screen Charcoal Burner
Triple Moon Crvd WD Box (3pc)
Triple Moon Pent Copper Offering Bowl 3"
Triple Moon S/P Alter Chalice 4"
Triple Moon S/P Alter Chalice 5"
Triple Moon Wall Hanging 12"
Triple Moon WD Coffin Burner
Triple Pentacle Wooden Chest
Triquetra Altar Cloth
Triquetra Altar Cloth
Triquetra Aroma Lamp
Triquetra Aroma Lamp
Triquetra Brass Chime w/beads
Triquetra Brass Hanging Censer
Triquetra Burner Cone/Candle
Triquetra Carved Box
Triquetra Carved Box 4x6"
Triquetra Copper Offering Bowl 3"
Triquetra Crvd Wd Box (3pc)
Triquetra in Chrome Chime w/beads
Triquetra Lamp
Triquetra Metal Wind Chime 14"
Triquetra S/P Alter Chalice 4"
Triquetra S/P Alter Chalice 5"
Triquetra S/Stone Aroma Lamp
Triquetra S/Stone Charcoal Burner
Triquetra WD Wall Hanging 12"
Triquetra Wooden Wall Hanging 10"H 8"W
Triquetra Wooden Wall Hanging 9"H 8"W
Tudor Rose Warbelt
Tulasi 8-Stiks Sqr Incense (Each)
Two-Strap Belt
Umbie's little Bro
Unie Large Plush
Unie Sm Plush
Vanilla Cones /box
Vanilla Incense
Vetivert Incense
Vetivert Oil
Vicious Dragon
Villager's Belt
Villager's Belt, black, extra-large
Villager's Belt, black, large
Villager's Belt, black, medium
Villager's Belt, black, small
Villager's Belt, brown, extra-large
Villager's Belt, brown, large
Villager's Belt, brown, medium
Vine Crvd S/s Aroma Bl
Warrior Armguards
Warrior Armguards, black
Warrior Armguards, brown
Water Dragon
Wd Boat Burner Moon
WD Incense Boat Plain
WD Incense Box Flower
WD Incense Burner Bk Carved
WD Sticks/Cone Burner
Wheel of the Year Plaque
White Copal Powder /oz
White Copal Resin /oz
White Copal Resin Incense
White Lotus Incense
White Mao-Mao Pendant
White Sage Cones /Box
White Tigrrr
Whitey Bun-Bun Pendant
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